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Are you intrested in buying greens that have grown hydroponically in data center heat?

Our first harvest is on the way! If you are interested in buying from the first harvest, send an email to Moa at Our first harvest will include pak choi, mangold, tatsoi, parsley and basil among others. 

Containing Greens

Containing Greens is a startup-company located in northern Sweden that is developing modules for growing food in a subarctic climate.
The project was well received when it was presented to business and industry representants in Luleå, after Containing Green's sucessfully completed the accelerator program Impact Lab, organized by LTU Business. LTUB Business has continued to support the project by providing financial support for building the first prototype and proof of concept.
In august 2020, Containing Greens and RISE ICE (Research Institute of Sweden) started a collaboration, investigating the possibility to reuse the excess heat from datacenters to provide heat for the modules.
ContainingGreens is now part of Go Business development program for start-up companies. Containing Greens’s business idea has been validated with a number of municipalities in Norrbotten county.
We are in the beginning of our journey; if you want to see what we are up to and what we do, please follow us on Facebook and Youtube!

Why bother growing in subarctic climate?

Our food habits have changed, but our way of producing food in subarctic regions have not been keeping up with our changing habits. With Containing Greens we want to make it possible to enjoy fresh greens, produced locally using left over heat from datacenters. Containing Greens contributes to more sustainable cities by helping cities in the sub arctic become more self sufficient, cut long transportations and reduce the use of water and pesticides.

Goal 11, Sustainable Cities and Communities

Cultivation in cities has developed in recent years, but despite the development it is
not big enough to support the urban population, they still are
dependent on rural food agriculture. In Norrbotten is the population
spread over large areas, not only in the larger cities such as Luleå and Piteå, but the trend to
moving to the cities also exists here. In order to stop the urbanization of the countryside, it is important that there is access to food. Modular cultivation is a proven way of growing vegetables without the need for large areas or machines must enable communities to supply themselves with vegetables in a
sustainable and easier than before.

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Goal 12, Responsible consumption and production

Cultivation in cities has developed in recent years, but despite the development it is not big enough to support the urban population, they still are dependent on rural food agriculture. In Norrbotten, the population is spread over large areas, not only in the larger cities such as Luleå and Piteå, but the trend to The cultivation opportunities in Norrland are limited and consuming sustainably is one difficulty due to the large imports of food on which the county depends.

Containing Greens offers a mobile cultivation method that can be placed in the cold climate and thus provide people with locally produced vegetables that do not require
long transports. Consumption according to the season is not something you need to take into account when growing takes place in a controlled space where you can regulate the climate. Sustainable consumption and production of vegetables thus becomes possible even far up in the northern parts of Sweden, with help of our module cultivation.

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Goal 13, Climate action

It becomes obvious that Norrbotten is also affected by climate change and the risk of extreme weather is increasing. By growing in a controlled environmen it is possible to regulate the temperature and sunlight in such a way that cultivation can take place despite changes in the outdoor climate that may affect the cultivation of vegetables. Food production is further ensured as it is not directly affected by climate change that may affect us. Drought, rain and cold do not become a direct threat against growing vegetables in Norrbotten with the Containing Green cultivation module.

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The team

About us

Containing Greens was founded by three students at Luleå University of Technology in 2020.

Moa Johansson
CEO, Co-founder

Moa studied Political Science and wrote her final thesisin agricultureal politics,  on how Swedish farmers have been affected the European Union future agricultural policy..

Moa gained insight into business organization through both Young Entrepreneurship and a family business. She is also working as vice president at the student union Luleå Studentkår.

In her free time, Moa likes to be in the stable with the horses she looks after.

Ellinor Emilsson
COO, Co-founder

Ellinor is the civil engineering student that always had a big interest in plants and permaculture.

Despite living in an aparment, she built her own hydroponic system on her window sill. She is also a hobby beekeeper with bees in Rutviksreveln.

In 2016, she competed in the startup competition Venture Cup with another project and reached Venture Cup Nord's region final.

In her spare time, she likes everything circus-related and to practise figure skating.

Adrian Arrosamena Mellgren
CTO, Co-founder

Adrian is doing his final year of the Energy Engineering program at Luleå University of Technology. He is interested in self-sufficiency, permaculture and have been growing food and plants as a hobby for the past 10 years

In addition to being a certified electrician, Adrian has a consultant business where he has designed and built drones for the Robotics Department and built snow turbines for wind turbine research.

 In his free time Adrian like to be out in nature and play ice hockey.


Collaborators and supporters

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We are happy to hear from you! E-mail us at if you want to know more about the project or collaborate with us!
If you want to to stay updated on our work, you can see what we are up to on Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn!

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